Adam Goodes & Billie-Jean Hamlet Star In Wanderlust’s Debut Campaign Via The Outset

Adam Goodes & Billie-Jean Hamlet Star In Wanderlust’s Debut Campaign Via The Outset
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Wanderlust, the producer of wellness festivals globally, has launched their first Australian campaign to support their plant-active, 100% vegan supplement range, “Inspired by nature’s wisdom. Made for now”.

Culminating in a series of TVCs, billboards, print and online touchpoints, the campaign promotes the brand’s new range of vegan, plant-active supplements and whole foods.

Featuring two proud First Nations talent; AFL star Adam Goodes and model Billie-Jean Hamlet, the pair have joined Wanderlust as ‘Wellness Activists’ with each speaking to their own stories and ties to mother nature throughout the campaign.

Filmed in Gerringong, Goodes’s 30-second TVC shows him connecting back to nature and how he harnesses this along with his meditation practice to optimise his wellbeing.

Goodes was actually taught how to practice by Wanderlust Teacher and empowerment master Tami Roos.

Talking to her time growing up in the Kimberley, Hamlet’s TVC highlights her innate connection to nature and tells one of the stories from her unique childhood where they lived stress-free and happy living off the land.

Wanderlust, head of marketing and product, Vanessa Griffin-Beale, said: “We set out to create what is really a cinematic experience. Set amongst beautiful Australian landscapes, we wanted to demonstrate the power of connecting back to nature in order to reconnect to self and those around you.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Adam and Billie-Jean as our Wellness Activists as both have such a profound connection to country and use this daily to optimise their own wellbeing.

“We were able to use their personal stories to bring our campaign and product messaging to life in a way that feels both authentic and distinctive to Wanderlust.”

The Outset’s art director, Kaela Rawson, said: “The land is where we find our life force, our guidance and our grounding. This lens allowed us to showcase real and natural moments that highlight various lifestyles and needs the Wanderlust products are answering.

“Our visual tone was rooted in neutrals and imbued with natural light capturing the warmth of the land and ensuring everything is lit by the sun.

“The imagery and video serve as cinematic, evolving stories told through diverse perspectives of the Wellness Activists.

“During the creative process, we were able to hear their stories and work with them to create a meaningful and sincere representation of their individual ties to the land.”

Goodes said: “Wanderlust honours the connection to self and others we all need to live life to the fullest.

“If there’s one thing, we’ve learnt this past year is that one of the most important things we can all do for ourselves and the world around us is to promote intentional self-care.

“Whether it’s taking a mindful moment to yourself each morning or attending a Wanderlust festival, it all adds up.”

Sydney-based model Billie-Jean Hamlet, said: “In our busy modern lives, we’re all on a journey to adapt to keep up and keep well.

“I was born lucky in the Kimberley, away from the stress of the world and share Wanderlust’s belief that when we live in tune with nature, we can tap into her wisdom. I’m excited to share this message.”

The Wanderlust range of plant-active and 100 per cent vegan supplements and whole foods is now available in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, and Terry White. For the full range, explore

Creative team credits:

Photographer: Simon Upton

Videographer / DOP: Jay Button

Stylist: Jana Pokorny

Creative director: Linda Honan,

The Outset senior art director: Kaela Rawson,

The Outset senior copy writer: Stephanie Murg

Agent/Producer: Kaz Kingdon

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