Twitter Launches New Vaccine Prompt

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Twitter has today announced it is partnering with the Australian Department of Health to launch the #KnowTheFacts search prompt, which will show credible information related to immunisation, including COVID-19 vaccines, at the top of the search experience.

As conversation around COVID-19 vaccines and immunisation increases on Twitter, the social media platform says it is important that people in Australia can identify trusted information from health authorities.

The #KnowTheFacts campaign means when someone in Australia searches for certain keywords associated with vaccines on Twitter, a prompt will direct them to the Department of Health’s information resources on vaccination and the official Department of Health Twitter account.

The Australian version of the #KnowTheFacts notification is part of a global effort, with similar prompts available in the United States, Canada, UK, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

“We’re grateful to our partners at the Australian Department of Health for their collaboration in launching this dedicated product feature and ensuring access to vital public health information on Twitter,” said Twitter.

It follows previous efforts from Twitter to provide users with credible information when they enter a discussion about COVID-19.



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