Enjoy The Top 14 Quotes From Daze Of Disruption!

Enjoy The Top 14 Quotes From Daze Of Disruption!

After an exhausting but enlightening 48 hours, the first ever Daze of Disruption, hosted by B&T, Which50 and The Wrong Hat Group has come to an end. In this opinion piece, Nicole Stirling, marketing director at Sitecore pulls out her favourite quotes from the two-day event.

With more than 40 speakers and panellists, Daze was positively jam-packed with topics, debates and advice relating to digital disruption; from understanding the psychology of your customers and learning to break old non-disruptive habits, to attracting digital talent and winning support from senior management.

If you missed it (big, big mistake) or if your head is so full of ideas that it all seems like a bit of a blur, then feel free to check out our 15 favourite quotes of the event…

“There has been a fundamental paradigm shift. Today’s customer expectations are: If i can imagine it, it simply has to be there; if not, I’ll invent it myself’” – Kim Williams, AFC Commissioner

“There’s still a disconnect between brands listening through technology and knowing what to do with the information they’re hearing” – Didier Bonnet, CapGemini

“Data is fact, not truth. I still feel it’s a little dangerous for brands to throw out intuition and common sense and to only obey what the data tells them. Is A actually better than B – or is it simply the lesser of two evils?” – James Peck, The Iconic

“You can always massage the data to look like a rockstar – but you need to be honest about what you’re trying to achieve and which KPIs will ACTUALLY measure that” – Travis Wright, ThinkLabs

“Human beings make the magic in marketing; data just informs the decisions” – Jenny Beresford (Digital Producer)

“Disruptors don’t set out to beat you at your own game: they change the rules” – Kai Reimer, Digital Disruption Research Group

“True disruption changes an approach to make a product or service more accessible or more affordable” – Damien Tampling, Deloitte Tech

“Everyone’s looking for this one person who can do everything. We’ve labelled them Unicorns; because they either don’t exist or, if they do exist, are often too expensive for businesses to afford- usually more than three times the salary of the average marketer” – Jodie Sangster, ADMA

“Targeting and relevancy aren’t the same thing. We conducted research that shows 80% of customers hate targeted ads; the same 80% said they liked relevant ads” – Ben Sharp, AdRoll

“Forget the one-to-one customer vision. If you want to get better at targeting the right customers, first stop marketing to the people who will never, ever be interested in your brand” – Tony Davis, Quantium

“To avoid becoming a lame company, don’t have a dopey product or a weak mission, hire dickheads (even just letting in a few can be a slippery slope!), structure your funding badly, rush into a board with the wrong guys or, most importantly, forget the problem you set out to solve in the beginning” – Greg Ellis, Nimble

“There’s no better way to help a customer than to be there for them in the moments that matter” – Lucinda Barlow, Google

“Digital disruption is just a subset of disruption. There are many things in this life that are disruptive, that have nothing to do with the bloody internet” – Nigel Marsh, Growth Mantra

“Whatever anyone says, it’s ok being second or third. We can’t all be Airbnb” – Nigel Marsh, Growth Mantra

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