Nicole Stirling

Modern marketing is all about using data analysis to provide more relevant and engaging online customer experiences… an ideal that is almost impossible to achieve without the right technology. Consider this; over 40% of Australians have made an online purchase using a smartphone (Google) and 60% of online customers actually prefer it if an online store remembers their contact and purchase information (Econsultancy). As Marketing Director at Sitecore Australia, I help other senior marketers to understand the latest innovations in digital marketing technology and to visualise how the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform can turn their engagement ambitions into reality. Translating complex technology behind the Sitecore platform into practical, straight-forward business benefits is at the heart of my role; mainly because, when clearly explained, the business benefits of Sitecore speak for themselves. Last year we helped one of our biggest customers to grow their online sales revenue from 0 to $1m per month, by providing a robust eCommerce solution and content management system (CMS) that enables customers to find and purchase the items they need quickly and easily. In order to educate and inspire our customers and partners, I organise several key thought-leadership events, such as the hugely successful Digital Trendspot, which attracts over 500 Australian and New Zealand delegates each year. I also manage the production and distribution of all Sitecore Australia’s marketing content, including whitepapers, videos, blogs and social activities. To find out more about how you can provide a personalised and relevant experience to your online customers, visit Sitecore.net, or Inmail me. 1 Google, May 2013, http://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/omp-2013-au-en.pdf 2 eConsultancy, August 2013 https://econsultancy.com/blog/63212-three-major-benefits-of-using-personalisation-in-marketing
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