ThinkTV Welcomes Australian Multi-Screen Report

ThinkTV Welcomes Australian Multi-Screen Report

ThinkTV chief executive Kim Portrate welcomed the latest Australian Multi-Screen Report, which shows that watching broadcast TV on a TV set dominates our time spent watching screen content.

The Nielsen/OzTAM/RegionalTAM report released today for Q2 2016 includes updated tablet and smartphone data for the period.

Key highlights include:

  1. The TV set is the main screen:

Watching broadcast TV on a TV set accounts for 86.4 per cent of total screen viewing, equivalent to 90 hours a month on average.

  1. TV’s reach remains unbeatable:

Broadcast TV reaches 88.1 per cent of Australians every week.

  1. Fear of missing out:

89.3 per cent of broadcast TV viewing is of the live broadcast.

  1. TV has moved to meet its audience:

13.6 per cent of total viewing time is spent watching TV and video on other screens.

  1. Today’s TV is digital:

Internet-capable TVs are now in 36 per cent of Australian homes, up from 30 per cent a year earlier.

“The latest Multi-Screen Report provides fresh evidence that watching TV on the TV set remains far and away our favourite viewing pastime,” said Portrate.

“TV’s reach also remains dominant among all major age groups. For instance, some 72.3 per cent of 16-24-year-olds, traditionally among the lightest TV viewers, still watch TV every week.

“And TV is now everywhere – our laptops, tablets and mobile phones are all TV sets – and available at any time, on catch-up, live streaming, PVR and other online platforms.

“We will provide fresh evidence about the power, effectiveness, measurability and trustworthiness of TV for advertisers at our ReThinkTV launch event in Sydney on November 30.”

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