Thinkerbell Unveils Revealing Documentary Into The Block’s Gatwick Hotel

Thinkerbell Unveils Revealing Documentary Into The Block’s Gatwick Hotel

Last night saw the premiere of Judging The Gatwick, a documentary about gentrification and displacement.

The film was launched with a screening on the walls of The Gatwick. The screening was attended by the sisters who ran and sold The Gatwick Rose and Yvette, several of the former tenants, and Father Bob McGuire.

Judging The Gatwick follows the residents of the historic and infamous Gatwick Hotel as they are bustled out of their ramshackle home to make way for the latest renovation in the successful The Block franchise.

The film is produced jointly by Looking Glass Pictures and creative agency Thinkerbell.

Mitzi Goldman of Looking Glass Pictures said, “The film is primarily about the residents of The Gatwick, who they are, how they ended up there – and importantly where are they now. In some ways this is just the beginning of this project. A film like this will help people understand the stories behind the glamour of gentrification and renovation.”

The director, acclaimed documentary maker Genevieve Bailey said, “Gaining access to The Gatwick in its former years, and post-renovation makeover, ensured that we could really get into the inner world and workings of the old Gatwick that so few people are aware of, in contrast with the highest rating renovation stories that capture the nation’s attention every year. It’s a complicated story, with sadness and loneliness, but a lot of love and sense of community too.”

Ben Couzens of Thinkerbell said, “We wanted to tell this story because it’s so clear yet complex at the same time. There is good and bad in what it was, and good and bad in what it’s become.”

The film was premiered last night on the wall of the Gatwick, the film will continue to have unconventional and limited screenings throughout the year. Profits of the film will go to  The Father Bob Foundation – who has helped residents of The Gatwick for many years.

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