The Nutrition Couch Joins ARN’S IHeartPodcast Network

The Nutrition Couch Joins ARN’S IHeartPodcast Network
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ARN has announced that the podcast, Nutrition Couch, has joined the IHeartPodcast Network.

Hosted by two of Australia’s leading dieticians, Susie Burrell and Leanne Ward, The Nutrition Couch is the first podcast of its kind to take a fun and evidence-based look at weekly food and health trends.

It’s the best place to stay up-to-date on the latest nutrition news, trending food products and hear Susie and Leanne discuss real case studies and answer listener questions.

Burrell said, “We are thrilled to join the iHeartPodcast Network and have the opportunity to share practical, evidence-based nutrition content to those hungry for it.

“This partnership means that we can reach a much wider audience who love to hear the latest in the world of food, diets and nutrition from two practising dietitians who live and breathe the latest in health and fitness.”

Ward added, “We could not be in a better podcast company with the likes of shows such as Life Uncut and She’s On The Money and we are extremely excited about this partnership and the opportunities it presents.

“Now, more than ever, it is important that listeners have access to diet and nutrition information from qualified professionals and joining the iHeartPodcast Network means that we can get current, topical and practical nutrition information to more and more people, helping them to live healthier and happier lives.”

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