The Guardian Partners With Univision News On Climate Change

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Amid fears that Donald Trump’s administration could shatter decades of hard-won progress on climate change, from 7am GMT/ 2am ET/ 6pm AEDT on Thursday 19 January, the Guardian and Univision News are uniting to focus on the subject.

Just hours before Trump takes office, the Guardian and Univision News will be delivering 24 hours of live coverage from around the world, including content sourced from Tumblr to incorporate the voices of young people from across the globe on this important issue. Reporting from all seven continents – in English and Spanish – the Guardian and Univision News will be hearing from experts in the field, those most affected by climate change, and publishing our audiences’ appeals to Trump to protect the planet.

The Guardian’s London, New York and Sydney newsrooms will be curating live events and interviews, along with video, commentary, data and graphics. Coverage will include interviews with people around the world who can see climate change happening before their very eyes in Egypt, Bangladesh, Canada, exclusive video of climate change impacts on the Antarctic, the latest developments in solutions technology, and advice on how to make a difference. The Guardian’s coverage will also feature an animated ‘carbon countdown clock’ which will show an estimate in real time of the amount we have used up of the global carbon budget, beyond which two degrees of warming is likely.

Univision News, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, will launch a live blog in conjunction with the Guardian’s coverage to provide a unique perspective on major environmental challenges that affect the U.S. Hispanic community and the Latin American region. As part of its extensive reporting on the issue, Univision News will publish 100 stories and facts regarding climate change, covering from the rising sea level in Miami, Florida and the serious threats faced by one of the most endangered rivers in the U.S., to the Monarch butterflies’ struggle against snowstorms in Mexico and the disappearance of Bolivia’s second largest lake, among many other topics. Additionally, Colombian environmentalist Nicolás Ibargüen, head of Univision’s and FUSION’s Project Earth, will host a Facebook Live event to discuss how climate change is impacting marine life and what species have been affected the most.

Univision News will also expand coverage of the climate change issue by working with leading news organizations in the Latin American region, including Animal Político (Mexico), O Globo (Brazil), Semana (Colombia), Semanario Universidad (Costa Rica), Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico), in addition to Gizmodo en Español (U.S.), among others. Invited journalists from these media outlets will contribute to the Global Warning effort with in-depth reporting on the effects of climate change in Latin America and their specific countries.

As part of the event, The Guardian and Univision News will be incorporating the voices of young people around the world by inviting them to share stories about climate change in their own communities on Tumblr, and send messages to their elected leaders with solutions on how to address and mitigate these impacts. Tumblr users — who are largely millennials and generation Z — represent the age group that will be most impacted by climate change and the absence of policies to address it in the coming decades. Tumblr will provide digital tools to help users create text and visual messages resulting in a collection of Tumblr posts in multiple languages that will reflect the passion and urgency of younger generations’ views on climate change.

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