TGIF: The Best Of The Booze Ads

TGIF: The Best Of The Booze Ads

TGIF. Am I right? And why is Friday so great?

Fridays are the best because you can have a cheeky beverage or two without having to worry about dealing with your colleagues when you’re hungover tomorrow. You can just let it all hang out.

So to get the party started, here’s B&T’s all time favourite booze ads.

We’re heavy on the beer ads since they bat above their weight but there’s a couple thrown in if you like a different kinda tipple.

Did we miss your fav?

Tweet us with the hashtag #B&TBoozer and let us know.

The Big Beer Ad

This ad has won more awards than our editor-in-chief has had long lunches. Possibly the best beer ad of all time.

Just Imagination – and bad ‘80s mOustaches

If you grew up in the ‘80s, the classic West Coast Cooler needs no introduction.

Stick to what you’re good at

And that’s drinking vodka. Not parkour.

A Thirsty Tongue

What is your tongue getting up to when you’re asleep at night?

A deer for a beer

No animals were harmed in the making of this ad. They might have got drunk, though.

Men – say no to wine

This spot from Colenso BBDO deals with a major social issue from the ‘80s, men that were forced to drink wine to fit in.

You can get it writing this sentence

A hard earned thirst needs a big cold beer. And the best cold beer? Just watch the ad.

When a dog meets a horse

According to Time magazine and media metrics firm iSpot, this ad for Budweiser was the most successful spot that ran during the Super Bowl earlier this year. It’s also been nommed for an Emmy.

Beer chase

You can’t go past the classic cop chase.

I start pure

If Pharrell is so happy, why isn’t he smiling in this ad for Smirnoff?

I feel like a Toohey’s

Remember when pit stains and a moustache were key prerequisites to playing cricket?

A XXXX sure is coming on

There’s something weirdly sexual about the slow motion sequences in this XXXX ad from the ‘80s.

And speaking of slo mo

For the love of beer!

This one’s for the rugby league fans

Here we go again…

Because people in QLD drink beer too

We know what we like about Queensland, right?

Just to prove they know how to make beer ads in Brisbane

If this ad was released today, it’d be the most complained about ad on television for it’s quota of overly exposed arse cheeks.

Boag’s pure waters

Who knew the water in Tassie was good for more than washing your two heads?

The Bundy BEAR

And just because some people prefer rum over beer.

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