Tealium Revolutionises Data Management For Digital Business With Universal Data Hub

Tealium Revolutionises Data Management For Digital Business With Universal Data Hub

Tealium, the leader in customer data solutions and enterprise tag management, today announced an evolution of the company’s suite of real-time data solutions, delivering a universal approach to managing the increasing flows of customer data for today’s digital businesses.

Tealium’s Universal Data Hub (UDH) provides a centralised platform to unify and access customer data, both online and offline, and make it available for real-time analysis and action across every team, vendor, and touchpoint.

Tealium’s UDH combines the power of the company’s real-time data solutions – Tealium AudienceStream™ and Tealium DataAccess™ – with the foundational data layer created by Tealium iQ™, the leading enterprise tag management solution.

This new solution makes it easier than ever to take advantage of customer data across web, mobile, IoT, and offline data sources as it reduces operational lags and enables deeper, more comprehensive customer understanding and insights. At the same time, with more visibility into data sources and control over how data is shared, organisations can develop and maintain more comprehensive data governance practices, ensuring that the organisation’s most valuable and sensitive resource – its customer data – remains protected and secure.

“There has been a significant and increasingly urgent need for someone to look beyond solving the ‘campaign problem’ – to step up and manage the explosive amounts of data flowing from the increasingly chaotic mix of vendors, channels, and touchpoints across today’s digital businesses,” said Mike Anderson, CTO of Tealium.

“With the UDH, Tealium has built­­­­ a vendor-neutral platform that sits at the centre of data creation and governance, creating a single source of truth that can fuel any of the technologies an organisation is using to gain more meaningful, comprehensive customer intelligence and provide better customer experiences.”

The company also announced it has expanded its industry-leading integration ecosystem to support over 1,000 technologies and vendors, giving organisations the power to connect their advertising, marketing, and customer experience initiatives with a single customer profile and data strategy.

This milestone in the company’s development includes hundreds of cloud-based and API integrations, further positioning Tealium as a core enabler of the API economy. Combined with the power of its UDH, Tealium’s integration ecosystem empowers marketers to create richer, more personalised digital experiences through both their existing and future channels and vendors.

To learn more about Tealium and the company’s leading universal data hub, visit www.tealium.com. To explore Tealium’s integration ecosystem, visit www.tealium.com/integrations.

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