Tay Tay In Trouble After Gropey Radio Host Threatens To Sue

Tay Tay In Trouble After Gropey Radio Host Threatens To Sue

Taylor Swift is reportedly being sued by a radio host who was sacked after accusations of copping a feel of the international starlet’s derriere.

The lawsuit was filed by American radio personality David Mueller. According to US publication Gawker, the radio host was fired after being accused of inappropriately touching Tay Tay while taking a photo with her.

The lawsuit states Mueller denied the accusations and believes he was falsely accused.

The Associated Press, reporting for publication Page Six, says Swift’s publicist said the issue was told to Mueller’s employer and it was up to them to make the call about his employment.

While much coverage about the starlet has been largely positive, such as giving a small local play permission to use the lyrics of her song in one of their performances at the last minute, the pop-singer raised heckles recently with a T-shirt some alleged referenced a massacre in China.

The shirt, which says ‘TS 1989’ stands for the singer’s initials and year or birth, but also could be misconstrued as the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

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