Tattoo Removal Company Challenges Industry Messaging With New Campaign

Tattoo Removal Company Challenges Industry Messaging With New Campaign

In 2017, Cynosure Australia partnered with McCrindle Research to complete Australia’s largest study on tattoos to discover how Australian consumers feel about their tattoos.

With one in five Australians having a least one tattoo, Cynosure, which specialises in laser removal technology for things such as tattoos, identified the need to understand where, why and when we are getting our ink. 

The research offers fascinating insights, including: 

  • Almost half of Australians had their first tattoo between the ages 18 to 25 years. 
  • The most common location for a tattoo is on the arm (33 per cent). 
  • Queenslanders are more likely than NSW and VIC residents to get larger tattoos. 
  • One in 10 Australians with tattoos got their most recent tattoo done at home or at a friend’s house. 
  • A quarter of Australians regret getting one or all of their tattoos. 

The research indicates that tattoos are life markers for all generations. However, some people experience a disconnect with their tattoos if their circumstances, relationships or even job changes. 

“We are very excited to be able to present this groundbreaking study that demonstrates Australia’s love affair with tattoos,” Dennis Cronje, managing director at Cynosure Australia, said. 

“The biggest insight we have uncovered is that most Australians undoubtedly love one or all of their tattoos. 

“As the market leader in the tattoo removal category, the fact that 75 per cent of Australians have no regret towards their tattoo has informed the decision to direct our messaging to relate to this audience short and long term.” 

To support the research, Cynosure will be launching a new campaign that demonstrates the market sentiment that loving your tattoos is more common than not, but if you do harbour doubt, there is PicoSure – Cynosure’s tattoo removal technology 

The campaign features real inked Australians who love tattoos and may be getting one removed to cover it with a design they now prefer, or to simply get rid of something that no longer reflects them. 

Supported by leading doctors from around Australia, recruiters and tattoo artists themselves, the campaign is set to challenge the preconception of laser tattoo removal in Australia. 

The campaign will be launched in October 2017 and will be supported by a media presence across social media and owned assets, as well as an integrated PR and digital marketing program. 

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