T Australia Debuts Issue 4 With Daniel Ricciardo Smouldering On The Cover

T Australia Debuts Issue 4 With Daniel Ricciardo Smouldering On The Cover
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The new issue of T Australia, The New York Times Style Magazine has launched, featuring a photoshoot and exclusive interview with the celebrated Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Famed for his humour and honesty, Daniel Ricciardo is one of the biggest personalities in Australian sport. In a candid interview, he speaks to the writer Emma Pegrum about his Perth origins and competitive nature, plus the strategies that have seen him through a tough few years on the track.

The magazine’s publisher and editor in Chief, Katarina Kroslakova, said: “My vision for T Australia in its first year was to feature cover stars who are quintessentially Australian.

“Dan is a perfect fit. Not only is he a positive role model, representing Australia on a global stage, but he is also the epitome of the Australian spirit: he’s funny, ambitious, determined and charismatic. And he has the whole country cheering for him.”

Ricciardo was shot on location at the state-of-the-art McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey, England, by the London-based photographer Yvan Fabing.

For this special shoot, T Australia tapped the celebrity stylist David Bradshaw, who has collaborated with luxury brands, including Prada and Tom Ford, and is renowned for his work with Madonna and Michael and Janet Jackson for the multi-award-winning music video, Scream.

The theme of the issue – Legacy – is explored in the sprawling feature “Tomorrow’s Heroes”, which includes interviews with Maddison Brown, Zoe Terakes, Matthew Skerritt, Zaachariaha Fielding, Macinley Butson and Sallie Jones.

These six inspiring Australians are challenging the status quo in fields ranging from dairy farming to accessible fashion.

The feature was compiled at a time when much of the country was in lockdown and had to be photographed remotely, via Zoom and FaceTime.

The portrait photographer Kelly Geddes composed each scene then photographed her computer screen and had the images processed in a darkroom.

The result is a series of timeless black-and-white portraits that offer a window into the lives of these extraordinary Australians during the lockdown.

Kroslakova added: “The photographs are powerful documentation of a significant moment in time.

“The stories are equally arresting, offering fascinating interpretations of legacy and leadership from young Australians who are determined to do things differently.”

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