Survey Finds Out What You Cheeky Aussies Are Buying On The Sly

Survey Finds Out What You Cheeky Aussies Are Buying On The Sly

Aussie women are more than twice more as likely to hide clothing purchases than men, while gambling and adult entertainment are the sneakiest sales for the lads.

According to a recent survey of 1035 respondents, Aussies spend more than $11 billion every year on guilty habits that they prefer to keep under wraps.

Individually, that comes down to about $2700 each on secret buys – you sneaky buggers! And you know who you’re keeping these secrets from? No prizes for guessing – it’s your other halves.

So what are the things we’re buying on the sly?

  • Clothes: 5.1 per cent of adults are guilty of this secret purchase
  • Gambling: 4.3 per cent of us are keeping gambling dollars on the down low
  • Guilt foods: 4.2 per cent of us said we secretly spend on ‘bad’ foods
  • Adult entertainment: 1.6 per cent of Aussies are making some very risky moves in this area
  • Cigarettes: 1.4 per cent of Australian adults are secret smoking behind their partner’s back

Interestingly, while men are slightly more transparent about their spending, with 20 per cent of males spending secretly as opposed to females, it turns out that the boys are coughing up three times as much as women on secret purchases. That totals $4596 compared to $1476 spent annually by women.

The figures also show that younger partners are more likely to keep purchases a secret from their loved ones.

The average baby boomer, for example, is likely to spend just $73 dollars a month that their other half doesn’t know about, while Gen X and Y probably are a bit more lavish with their secret spends, amounting to $249 and $337 per month, respectively.

In order to make their sly buys, 44 per cent of those surveyed preferred to use cash, while 26 per cent used credit cards, and 17 per cent used debit cards.


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