Study: TV Ads Outperform Facebook & YouTube For Sales Impact, Regardless Of Screen Type

Study: TV Ads Outperform Facebook & YouTube For Sales Impact, Regardless Of Screen Type

New research from respected marketing science academic professor Karen Nelson-Field has uncovered new insights into how and why video advertising works for brands when viewed on mobile devices.

The mobile edition of Nelson-Field’s ongoing Benchmark Series, commissioned by ThinkTV, makes a number of significant findings that are designed to help advertisers and their agencies get the best out of video advertising.

Nelson-Field used bespoke A.I. machine-learning technology and eye-tracking software to minimise human bias in her team’s data gathering, with the methodology explained in the below videos.

The latest tranche of the Benchmark Series seeks to compare the sales impact and attention generated by video advertising viewed on mobile devices on Facebook, YouTube, and TV over broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD) services.

It found that ads viewed on mobile devices by consumers of Facebook, YouTube and BVOD all generated a positive sales impact for brands.

On mobile devices, the sales impact of BVOD is 33 per cent higher than Facebook and 17.5 per cent higher than YouTube.

The sales impact of TV outperforms Facebook and YouTube irrespective of screen type (TV, computer or mobile).


The same pattern carried for attention, which Nelson-Field scored out of 100 based on the results of eye-tracking measurements.

On an aggregate of these measures, BVOD scored 63 points out of 100 – nine points higher than Facebook, which scored 54, and 19 points higher than YouTube, which scored 44.

Screen coverage

The study found that screen coverage (the percentage of a screen occupied by an ad) was highly correlated to attention and sales, in line with previous findings from the Benchmark Series.

On this measure, TV (at 100 per cent screen coverage), provided almost four times more screen coverage than Facebook and three times more screen coverage than YouTube, which Nelson-Field identified as one of the key reasons for TV’s ability to have the most impact on sales.

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