Social Change Maker Profile: Chloe Saintilan

Social Change Maker Profile: Chloe Saintilan

For 2018, B&T has partnered with UnLtd for our events Changing the Ratio and the Women in Media Awards. But the organisation has some legends to showcase of their own – which is why we’ve created a Social Change Maker Profile Series.

Next up on this list is Chloe Saintilan, a creative at TBWA\Sydney.

First ever job: Waitressing at a local café. I think I lasted about three weeks before getting fired for drinking an inappropriate amount of their coffee.

If I wasn’t doing my job, I’d be: Figuring out how to get it back!

How I got where I am today: Being curious, seeking out new opportunities, and being surrounded by kind and generous people in the industry willing to let me have a go.

Causes/social issues I care about: A lot of the causes I care about come from my parents, both of whom have strong social consciences.

My Dad’s an environmental scientist so climate change has long been an issue close to my heart, and my mum’s a teacher who’s always been passionate about empowering at-risk children – a cause I try and contribute to in my own way through working with UnLtd.

Over the past year I’ve also been shocked to learn about the Global Orphanage Crisis – With the ‘voluntourism industry’ now worth up to 2.6 billion, and 80 per cent of children in orphanages around the world actually having parents and/or relatives who could look after them.

The change I’d like to see in the world and why it’s important: A world with more compassion. That, and a world where every person feels empowered to create the change they’d like to see.

How did you first get involved with UnLtd: I first got involved with UnLtd three years ago when I was looking for pro bono opportunities.

I remember the first job I was assigned was a Christmas OOH campaign for a fantastic charity called Batyr, and after it all went live they sent a thank you card with kids’ drawings on it – it’s still on my desk!

The charity projects I’m currently working on: I’m the chair of Youngbloods NSW (an organisation for young people in the creative industries), and we’re currently working with UnLtd on a program that connects our members with charities who need their skills. We’ve had so many signups already which is really encouraging.

Why I want to give back: Because I believe creativity reaches its fullest potential when it’s used for good.

The best/most rewarding volunteering experience I’ve had: A couple of years ago I spent a Thanksgiving in Santa Monica over in the USA, where I was part of a team handing out donated roast turkey lunches to the homeless.

The people I met, and conversations that we had over the food were some I’ll never forget.

My greatest achievement: Working full-time while finishing a uni degree. A (literal) crash course in time management, coffee drinking and how to run on 0 sleep.

The person/company I’d like to challenge to get involved & why: I’d love to see YouTube Music get involved with UnLtd’s partner MMAD – a charity changing the lives of young people through music and mentorship.

My advice for someone just starting their career is: Best advice I’ve been told is ‘work hard, stay humble and be kind’.

If I could have one superpower, that would be: To be able to read people’s minds, so I could hear what goes on inside Trump’s head.

UnLtd is a social purpose organisation connecting the media, marketing and creative industries with charities helping children and young people at risk. Find out how you can get involved at


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