Serena Williams Is ‘Doing It For Herself’ In Berlei Sport’s New Campaign

Serena Williams Is ‘Doing It For Herself’ In Berlei Sport’s New Campaign

Berlei and Serena Williams have launched a campaign called ‘Do It For Yourself’, developed in partnership with content agency Emotive and Parlour Creative, which provides an intimate look at Serena the woman and what drives and inspires her.

Serena Williams is celebrated as one of the greatest sportspeople of all time. Her skills on the court are legendary, but it’s her off-court love of dance that Berlei celebrates in this new brand campaign.

In the first of a series of digital content pieces we see Serena, in a studio alone, dancing with abandon to The Donnas’ cover of Billy Idol’s iconic 80’s track “Dancing with Myself”. It’s a loose, playful, expressive side of Serena we have rarely seen, where she is truly doing something for herself. Launching alongside this is a brand film titled ‘Behind the Dance’, providing the audience with an intimate insight into Serena’s feelings on the importance of women investing in and focusing on themselves.

The content-led campaign, developed in partnership with content agency Emotive and Parlour Creative, provides an intimate look at Serena the woman and what drives and inspires her. For Berlei, it expresses the essence of their relationship with women through the brand positioning ‘Do It For Yourself’.

Serena Williams said: “Do It For Yourself is really about focusing on ourselves as women.  Celebrating our female strength, power and beauty.  We need to take time for ourselves, invest in ourselves, and be strong.”

Zoe Hayes, Marketing Director, Berlei, said: “Our partnership with Serena goes well beyond her love of our bras. We have shared beliefs and this campaign beautifully encapsulates that – we encourage all women to fuel their fire through self-investment.”

The campaign will roll out across social video platforms, including Serena’s social channels, digital OOH and Berlei assets. Hayes commented: “The choice of content first for the campaign allowed us to delve into the richness and beauty that sits behind this idea, rather than being restricted by a 30 second spot.”

Simon Joyce, CEO, Emotive, said: “Berlei is a progressive brand that understands the value of creating content for their audience that is both entertaining and emotional. Platform intentionality is key, with each of the seven pieces of content featuring Serena tailored to the respective social platforms, and working in harmony to drive a ‘content to commerce’ result.”

Of course, the challenge with a superstar like Serena is to create genuine content. The world is used to seeing her perform.

Jo Swan and Tiara Valder, Parlour Creative explained: “Serena has danced on Berlei shoots for years, off camera, so we knew it was something she genuinely did for herself. Dancing at its best is a celebration of self.  It was that we wanted to capture in this content – both the essence of Serena and Berlei, a brand that honours and supports women. We also knew she was a big fan of 80’s music. The Donna’s take of Billy Idol’s famous song was the perfect fit.”

Berlei has been a trusted part of Serena’s armour since her mum discovered the brand in Melbourne during the 2006 Australian Open. Since then, Berlei has been the only bra she wears for training, competition (and dancing for herself).

‘Do It For Yourself’ launched nationally on 12th January, 2017.

Client: Berlei
Content & Production Agency: Emotive
Creative Agency ‘Do It For Yourself’ Dance video: Parlour
Creative Agency ‘Behind the Dance’ video and social edits: Emotive
Digital Amplification: Emotive
Talent: Serena Williams
Choreographer: Mecca Andrews
Director: Paola Morabito, Exit Films
Creative Director: Andrew Cameron, Emotive
Senior Producer: Hayley-Ritz Pelling, Emotive
Producer: Trevor Paperny, Bastard
Production Manager: Shawn Dougherty, Bastard
Director of Photography: Sharone Meir
Additional Photography: Harrison Schaaf
Editors: Uthayan Selvaraj & Sam Gadsden, Emotive
VFX: Mike Lomas
Audio Post: Nat Joyce, Rumble studios
Colourist: Tristian La Fontain, White Chocolate
Stills Photographer: Jez Smith
Location: Hollywood Dance Centre

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