Sea Shepherd Unveils Haunting Campaign To Highlight The Planet’s Ocean Pollution

Sea Shepherd Unveils Haunting Campaign To Highlight The Planet’s Ocean Pollution

The pollution of the oceans reaches new records every year with patches of plastic debris in the size of entire countries.

More than one million ocean animals are stuck in this plastic ocean and die each year because of this. Yet few people seem to be conscious of this scourge, which is a real danger to the biodiversity and the environment.

Environmental group Sea Shepherd with agency FF New York has unveiled “Plastic Ocean”, a project to put this subject on the front page of the social media and to create a mindset of sustainable usage of plastic, especially for Millennials and Gen Z. This campaign created by FF New York is made up of three visuals and a video which are dreamlike and colorful at first glance but highlight the sad reality of sea animals trapped in plastic waste.

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Commenting on the campaign, Sea Shepherd’s global CEO, Captain Alex Cornelissen, said: “Plastics are invading the oceans on an unprecedented scale. Like an invasive species, it is wiping out ocean wildlife and taking over its habitat.

“Humans are to blame for the introduction of this most lethal substance and if we don’t stop its progress, soon the oceans will contain more plastic by sheer weight than all animal life combined. But we can turn the tides, we can stop this invasion.

“What we have caused, we now have to fix. Stop the production and use of single-use plastics. Together we can clean the oceans and together we can make sure that what we take out, stays out.”

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