Samsung Dares You To Look At Its New Phone In Latest Campaign By Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Samsung Dares You To Look At Its New Phone In Latest Campaign By Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

In its latest overture to convince users to ditch their iPhones, Samsung has released a two-minute spoof horror film created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

The premise is simple, a bunch of teens are hanging out at a summer camp with one telling a story to a group of friends about “this Samsung flip phone, or whatever.”

The rumour holds that you only need look at the phone once for it to become stuck inside your mind. The only way to stop it from being stuck inside your mind is to take the leap into the vast, terrifying and unknown world of the Android ecosystem.

“That’s like the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, there’s no way I’d ever switch to Sam…” replies another. But, in an instant, a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip phone starts ringing nearby and the group run for their lives people produce their Samsungs from their pockets.

“People move with the crowd when it comes to technology, and choosing something different can feel like a scary proposition,” a W+K spokesperson told Muse.

“Narratively speaking, if last year we told a singular story through our hero’s journey, this year we turned the focus toward a group of teenagers, nodding at a larger, more universal truth at scale.

“What we are trying to do with this campaign is to create an emotional case for a seemingly rational decision. When you consider long-form, you have to be as, if not more, entertaining than everything else they could choose to watch. So, we have to earn every second of their time.”

The advert will run across TV and cinema in markets around the world with various edits for online and social.

Not to be outdone, Apple recently released a 14-minute film shot entirely on iPhone telling the story of  Lucha Libre wrestler Huracán Ramírez and his battle against La Piñata Enchilada.

That film was created by TWBA’s\Media Arts Lab team.

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