RMIT Online & Salesforce Launch CRM Course To Train Students For Jobs Of The Future

RMIT Online & Salesforce Launch CRM Course To Train Students For Jobs Of The Future

Tertiary education provider RMIT Online has announced the addition of a new course to its Future Skills portfolio, CRM Professional with Salesforce.

Built in collaboration with Salesforce, the course aims to develop well-rounded CRM professionals and helps prepare them to take the official Salesforce Administrator exam.

The course will focus on the job-ready skill sets required to become a CRM professional specialising in Salesforce.

Salesforce’s gamified, online learning platform, Trailhead, will be part of the online learning experience for students in this course.

The course will include the following learning competencies:

  • Practical application of Salesforce Administrator skills and concepts to data validation and debugging.
  • App customisation.
  • Knowledge of Salesforce features available to end users.
  • Complementary soft skills including problem-solving, communication, organisation, project management and attention to detail.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive an RMIT credential as well as the option to sit the Salesforce Administrator exam.

Students who sit and pass the exam will show they have mastered the hands-on skills it takes to be a Salesforce Administrator and will have an industry recognised credential which differentiates them in the Salesforce economy.

The cost to enrol in the course is AU$2,200 and it runs for six weeks.

Helen Souness, CEO of RMIT Online, said: “We’re thrilled to work with Salesforce, one of the world’s most innovative companies, to upskill Australia’s workforce.

“The reality is that Australia’s technology skills gap is widening and we need to take immediate action if we wish to remain competitive globally in a world that is dominated by digitisation, or we risk falling behind.”

Mark Innes, general manager and executive vice president at Salesforce across the Asia Pacific, said: “As we continue to see jobs evolve, we look forward to working with organisations like RMIT Online to meet the huge demand for skilling up new workers across Australia.

“We’re excited about the careers that students who earn a Salesforce Administrator credential can have in Australia’s rapidly growing technology industry.

“Students can now gain in-demand Salesforce skills and the ability to work at exciting companies in Australia and the world.”

Australian universities only produce fewer than 5000 ICT graduates per year, according to Deloitte, but IDC has projected that jobs created in the Salesforce ecosystem will continue to rise, reaching 79,000 in Australia by 2022.

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