Rewardle Launches Enterprise Edition For Corporate Brands

Rewardle Launches Enterprise Edition For Corporate Brands

Loyalty and reward app Rewardle has released an Enterprise Edition of the company’s market digital customer engagement platform.

The Enterprise Edition of the Rewardle Platform is designed to provide corporate, multi-location businesses with highly granular levels of customisation and control and includes a number of new features.

Weerasooriya said, “We appreciate that high profile brands operating sophisticated marketing plans require deeper integration, customisation and different tools. The Enterprise Edition allows for branding of app icons, and central control over rewards, promotions, social media features, access levels for managers and staff plus integration with POS systems and data.”

The company’s strategy of focusing on growing the Member and Merchant Network to enhance the established early mover advantage and network effect inherent in the Rewardle Platform has surfaced the opportunity and is complimentary to the business development associated with licensing the Enterprise Edition.

Weerasooriya said, “Rewardle’s rapidly growing independent Merchant network is many times larger than the footprints of Australia’s largest chains and our standing as an ASX listed company makes us the ideal enterprise partner for corporate clients.”

He added, “In this area there is a high risk of failure when it comes to execution. CMOs and marketers responsible for high profile brands will have the comfort of purchasing from a highly experienced operator with deep learnings and a platform that has been battle tested across thousands of merchants, hundreds of thousands of members and millions of interactions.”

“Rewardle’s offers market leading insight and technology. Our Enterprise Edition delivers the sophistication required, faster, cheaper and with less risk of failure than attempting to develop a solution internally.”

Weerasooriya said, “Just as there are no rivals who match the Rewardle Platform for local independent merchants, we have leveraged our technology and knowledge to now offer a solution for enterprise clients without peer.

“Now, in addition to helping the little guys manage their digital customer engagement, we offer corporate brands access to a powerful, flexible and proven turnkey solution as they seek to catch up to increasingly connected consumers.”

A live beta trial of the Enterprise Edition has been in operation for the past 2 months in collaboration with a small, multi-location operation with a sophisticated marketing capability. The Company will continue working with this partner as a live beta for the foreseeable future to continue developing and enhancing the solution.

Rewardle’s approach of combining membership, points, rewards, mobile ordering, mobile payments and social media integration into a single cloud based platform powered by Big Data analysis is being used by global leaders in digital customer engagement.

The Rewardle Platform is similar to the proprietary technology developed by Starbucks in North America. The success of Starbucks digital customer engagement strategy has seen speculation that Starbucks could “white label” their technology into a solution for other retailers. During Starbucks earnings call in late April, CEO Howard Schultz spoke directly about the opportunity.

Schultz said, “We’ve been approached by tech companies and national retailers as to whether or not we would consider licensing or white-labelling the Starbucks’ mobile platform. Most of the national retailers did not invest ahead of the growth curve. They do not have the capability in-house at this point to really execute this and to fully understand it. Tech companies themselves obviously have the tech background [but] they do not have the interface on the physical side with the consumer to execute it. So we are in a very unique position having kind of solved, [the] chicken and egg problem of both, the digital technology and obviously the interface with the consumer.”

Rewardle management expects that the North American trend of corporate retail brands looking to incorporate Big Data driven digital customer engagement will emerge in the domestic market. In developing the Enterprise Edition the Company is positioned to be the leading Australian service provider to both small and large clients.

Rewardle founder and Managing Director, Ruwan Weerasooriya said, “Like Starbucks in North America, Rewardle has solved the merchant and consumer engagement problem as clearly demonstrated in the consistently accelerating Merchant and Member Network, check-in and prepaid credit growth. This growing scale and profile as an ASX listed company has seen increasing interest in the Rewardle Platform from corporate clients.”

“Our recent dealings with chains such as Blockbuster, Taco Bill, Red Lea Chicken and other enquiries has highlighted that as we increasingly deal with corporate clients, customisation and control over branding will be increasingly important.”

The development and launch of the Enterprise Edition is an example of the lean start-up management approach advocated by the Company in action. By maintaining a nimble and responsive approach to market feedback management has moved quickly to leverage the work done in building a market leading solution for local independent merchants into a solution that can also meet the needs of large corporate clients.

The company has an active sales pipeline for the Enterprise Edition and is in the process of building an enterprise business development team.

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