How To Reign In More Subscribers On The Company Blog

How To Reign In More Subscribers On The Company Blog

Has your company’s blog started dipping in subscribers? Need a way to boost engagement? In this guest post, Marketing Assistant at, Jessica Gust, has a few tricks up her sleeve to help you out.

Blogging is one of the most engaging and immersive parts of the internet; not only does it afford the reader an opportunity to see topics in a different light and engage in new interests, but it also has a seemingly endless list of benefits for the writer.

Being a blogger means that you will get better at your craft, you’ll become a better thinker, meet new people and even make some money, but all of these incredible benefits come with one stipulation: you need subscribers.

And not only do you need subscribers, you need to keep them. It can be quite a tricky task, and many bloggers have driven themselves crazy by constantly watching their subscription numbers go up and down; the fact is losing subscribers is a part of being a blogger, but that doesn’t mean you have to be defeated.

If your subscribers start going in huge numbers, there is definitely a reason for it and there are certain things that you can to get your numbers back up. In this article, you will see some helpful tips on what to do when your blog starts losing subscribers, to save your blog as well as your sanity.

Change things up

People like variety, and even if you are publishing top quality content day in and day out, it can still get a little boring. For example, if you are running a music blog that reviews albums and singles your followers might get bored with your formula.

However, if you cast your net a little wider and start reviewing live acts or music documentaries, you will attract new followers and your old followers will have something different to digest.

Leverage Viral Traffic

An excellent way to gain and regain subscribers is by staying on top of trending news and topic. You can use it to your advantage; if you blog about movies, check the news to see the top trending movies worldwide and write about it.

This is how you tap into your market and get more subscribers. There are plenty of ways to leverage viral traffic to your blog so investigate them and start using those methods.

Write guest posts

Guest posting is an incredibly effective way of revealing yourself and your blog to an entirely new audience. Do some research and see what blogs are similar to yours and make sure they have a suitably sized following.

Contact them and try to write a guest post or ask them to write a post on your blog. This way both blogs get publicity and everyone is happy.

Social media

Social media is the greatest tool when it comes to reaching high numbers of people at the same time. Don’t forget that more people use social media than ever before, and there are thousands of markets that you can reach.

You can place an ad on Facebook or Twitter, you can set up an account and post funny and exciting content linked to your site, and if you are not social media savvy, hire someone to do it for you.

Whatever road you venture down, utilise social media as much as you can.

Rearrange your website

As well as changing your content and your social media strategy, another effective method of gaining new subscribers is giving your site a makeover. You can always do it yourself, but if you want your website to look professional, it’s always best to hire a professional who can design your site.

Losing subscribers can be a hard reality to deal with but as long as you stay vigilant, research your data and embrace a little change, you can get those numbers soaring again.

Take note of some of the tips above and before you know it your blog will be back on track.

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