Rebel Wilson To Be New Face Of Tourism Fiji Ahead Of Country’s Reopening

Rebel Wilson To Be New Face Of Tourism Fiji Ahead Of Country’s Reopening

Move over Chris Hemsworth – there’s a new celebrity tourism advocate in town.

Rebel Wilson has been revealed as the new face of Tourism Fiji, and some reports reckon she struck a deal that could rival Hemsworth’s partnership with Tourism Australia.

Wilson has been posting images of herself enjoying Fiji’s picturesque beaches, including a “shipwrecked-glam” look and some behind-the-scenes videos.

“Discovering happiness …and sooooo much more (to be revealed soon 😜),” the Hollywood star said in one caption.

Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill told The Daily Telegraph the new campaign is called “Open for Happiness” and reflects the genuine warmth and “Bula spirit” that encapsulates the destination.

“We look forward to shortly sharing the full campaign and showing what Rebel got up to during her time here in Fiji,” Hill said.

The campaign will launch in two weeks, in time for 1 December, when the popular tourist spot is set to reopen to international travellers.

The Australian actress, who grew up in Sydney’s western suburbs, has starred in numerous blockbusters, including Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect.


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She has been contracted to promote the destination well into 2022, and sources told The Daily Telegraph the deal was worth seven figures.

Tourism Fiji recently released a campaign via The Hallway encouraging Australians to holiday in the South Pacific archipelago.

Featured image source: Instagram/@rebelwilson

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