Radio Ratings: Ben Fordham Back On Top Of Sydney Brekkie, While Three-Way Tie Hits Brisbane

BEST CURRENT AFFAIRS PRESENTER Ben Fordham; 2GB, Sydney NSW, Macquarie Media Limited Metropolitan at ACRA's 2017

It’s been a muddled old time, with Sydney, Melbourne, and occasionally the rest of Aus in lockdown too. However, the GFK radio ratings still showed some strong results, notably including 2GB’s reclamation of the breakfast throne.

Last ratings saw a major upset: KIIS 106.5’s Kyle & Jackie O show knocked 2GB’s breakfast offering out of the top spot for the first time in two decades.

But the current ratings show significant movement: not only did Ben Fordham grab top spot, but Kyle & Jackie O sank to third. In second was the ABC who, it should be noted, have done incredibly well across a number of cities during this ratings period.

ABC Sydney were also top of drive and second overall in terms of share. In the overall ratings, 2GB rose by a huge 3.4 per cent, while KIIS 106.5 dropped by 1.9 per cent.

In Melbourne, the ratings were generally consistent with the last batch: the top three brekkie programs (3AW’s Ross and Russell; ABC Melbourne’s Sammy J, and GOLD 104.3’s Christian O’Connell) remained the same, and also grew their audiences. In drive, 3AW saw a delcine in viewership while the ABC’s Rafael Epstein grew his audience, putting it in a tie for first.

The ABC also grew their overall share in Adelaide, where MIX 102.3 stayed on top but FIVEaa fell to third, knocking CRUISE FM out of the top three. ABC Adelaide’s Breakfast With Ali Clarke grew a massive 3.8 per cent to top those ratings, while MIX 102.3’s Will & Woody grew their share of drive, claiming number one spot.

More good news for the radio industry in Perth, as all three top stations (MIX 94.5, NOVA93.7 and 96FM) grew their audiences. Long standing NOVA brekkie trio Nathan, Nat & Shaun cotinued their top spot placement, though they did see a small drop in the shares while Pete, Matt & Kymba kept their second place spot but grew their share slightly. There was also a new bronze medallist: The Bunch With Clairsy And Lisa, knocking out previous third place station 6PR.

Finally, in Brisbane, there was a moment for the history books. 4KQ, 97.3 and NOVA all tied for top spot in the overall shares, with 10.2 per cent each. Both 4KQ and 97.2 grew their share, while NOVA’s decreased. Triple M was knocked out of the top three brekkie shows by 4KQ, while Carrie & Tommy came second in drive, after not making the top three in the last ratings.

Read on for the rest of the results!


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 2GB (15.2, last 11.8, up 3.4)

Second: ABC SYD (11.9, last 9.6, up 2.3)

Third: KIIS106.5 (8.7, last 10.6, down 1.9)


First: 2GB Ben Fordham Live (16.8, +3.5)

Second: ABC Syd Breakfast With Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck (14.0, +2.1)

Third: KIIS 106.5 Kyle & Jackie O (12.1, -3.4)


First: ABC SYD Drive with Richard Glover (12.5, +2.8)

Second: KIIS 106.5 Will & Woody (9.0, -2.4)

smoothfm 95.3 Byron Webb (9.0, -0.5)

Third: NOVA 96.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (8.2, -0.7)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 3AW (15.1, last 15.5, down 0.4)

Second: ABC MEL (12.4, last 11.1, up 1.3)

Third: GOLD104.3 (10.0, last 10.4, down 0.4)


First: 3AW Ross and Russell (20.8, +0.7)

Second: ABC MEL Sammy J (16.0, +2.2)

Third: GOLD104.3 The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show (8.9, +0.3)


First: 3AW Drive with Tom Elliot (11.7, -1.0)

ABC MEL Drive With Rafael Epstein (11.7, +1.5)

Second: GOLD 104.3 Gavin Miller (10.7, -0.1)

Third: 101.9 FOX FM Carrie & Tommy (8.1, +0.2)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: MIX102.3 (13.9, last 13.2, up 0.7)

Second: ABC ADE (12.2, last 9.8, up 2.4)

Third: FIVAaa (10.3, last 12.3, down 2.0)


First: ABC ADE Breakfast with Ali Clarke (16.2, +3.8)

Second:  FIVEaa Breakfast with David Penberthy & Will Goodings (13.6, -1.9)

Third: MIX 102.3 Erin Phillips & Soda (10.8, – 1.0)


First: MIX 102.3 Will & Woody (14.2, +0.4)

Second: NOVA 91.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (13.2, -1.6)

Third: ABC ADE Drive with Jules Schiller (10.7, +2.7)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: MIX 94.5 (13.4, last 11.7, up 1.7)

Second: NOVA93.7 (13.1, last 12.7, up 0.4)

Third: 96FM (11.8, last 11.5, up 0.3)


First: NOVA93.7 Nathan, Nat & Shaun (14.3, -0.2)

Second: MIX 94.5 Pete, Matt & Kymba (13.6, +0.9)

Third: 96FM The Bunch With Clairsy And Lisa (11.5, +1.9)


First: NOVA 93.7 Kate, Tim & Joel (16.7, -0.8)

Second: MIX 94.5 Carrie and Tommy (12.4, +0.6)

Third: 96FM Will & Woody (11.1, -0.6)


SHARE OVERALL (per cent)

First: 4KQ (10.2, last 9.3, up 0.9)

97.3 (10.2, last 10.2, 0.0)

NOVA106.9 (10.2, last 10.8, down 0.6)

Second: B105 (9.7, last 9.2, up 0.5)

Third: 104.5 TRIPLE M (9.3, last 9.9, down 0.6)


First: NOVA 106.9 Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill (11.3, -0.5)

Second: 4KQ Laurel, Gary & Mark (11.1, +2.0)

Third: ABC BRIS Breakfast with Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan (10.6, +0.3)


First: NOVA106.9 Kate, Tim & Joel (13.0, -1.5)

Second: B105 Carrie & Tommy (10.8, +0.6)

Third: 104.5 TRIPLE M Molloy (10.6, -0.1)

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