QMS Business Chicks Team Up With Hollywood Actress Kate Hudson

  • Kate Hudson at Business Chicks event
  • Business Chicks event
  • Business Chicks event
  • Business Chicks event
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After recently announcing its new partnership with Business Chicks – Australia’s largest and most influential community for women – QMS Media has sponsored an east coast tour with actress Kate Hudson.

Over three events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Hudson shared entertaining stories of trials and triumphs throughout her career in Hollywood, as well as giving sharp insight into the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign and womankind in general.

Commenting on the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign and #MeToo movement, Hudson said: “This is not just about harassment. It’s an overall presence of women being stronger and saying, ‘I’ve had enough of being put in this corner’, whether it be domestic abuse or in the workplace.

“We’ve had enough; let’s learn from our history and move forward to create an opportunity for men to raise their consciousness and now meet us on a different level.

“Historically, women have been placed in the position where we have to compete with each other, and that’s slowly starting to drift away, which is nice to see.

“Now, more than ever, it’s about the community of women being there for each other rather than competing with each other. It’s about women supporting women.”

QMS chief marketing officer Sara Lappage said the company’s alignment with the Business Chicks movement supports its vision to create a culture that is inclusive and supportive of female professionals.

“As a business, QMS is committed to harnessing the energy and creativity of women in the workplace, and what better way to kick off our partnership with this incredible female movement than by gaining invaluable knowledge and insight from one of Hollywood’s most influential business chicks,” she said.

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