Principals And XXVI Rebrand Dyslexia Support Network

Principals And XXVI Rebrand Dyslexia Support Network

Dyslexia is estimated to affect between 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the Australian population. It is an inherited condition that sees children struggle when learning to read and can have lifelong implications.

Code Read was formed by a group of concerned parents who wanted to provide support and information for the families struggling with the condition. The organisation campaigns to increase awareness of dyslexia and convince educational institutions and government to take the condition more seriously.

The team behind Code Read sought out Principals to create a name and brand identity and Principals took on the task on a pro bono basis.

The brand idea Principals created is “change minds, change lives”, which describes exactly what Code Read is aiming to do, while XXVI developed the Code Read name. The brand identity features the colour red, which teachers use when correcting children’s writing. The bold imagery evokes the challenges dyslexics face and smartly tells people how to pronounce the name.


Julie Hermansen, one of the founders of Code Read, said: “We don’t accept the status quo because it is unacceptable to dyslexics. We don’t accept that people should suffer, mainly due to ignorance. We are here to change minds; the minds of children who are coming to terms with their dyslexia; and the minds of policymakers in government and educators who have the greatest impact on the lives of dyslexic children and their parents. With the help of Principals and XXVI, we now have a platform to do just that.”

Hamish Cargill, Director of Brand Language at XXVI, said: “We’re thrilled to have been able to work with Julie and the team to create the Code Read name which will allow this important organisation to take their mission to the next level.”

Sandy Belford, Director of Principals, said: “The effect dyslexia has on the lives of young Australians is heartbreaking. In my career, I’ve worked with designers who have had to make their way against the tide of dyslexia. So it came naturally to help out and, we hope, make a difference for dyslexics and their families.”

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