PRIA Announces World First Professional Framework

PRIA Announces World First Professional Framework

At PRIA’s National Conference this morning, PRIA National President Jenny Muir announced the introduction of the Professional Framework for PR practitioners.

The first of its kind, Muir (pictured below) said the Framework will map and deliver all the of competencies and skills that you need from when you graduate until 25 years into your career. PR professionals should be able to map their careers and have a steady pathway.

Jenny Muir

Muir explained that “an enormous engine” sits behind the framework like a “table sized cloth map”. It will work to inform members, government and will help PRIA develop their education program as well as inform university degrees and make sure graduates have a better work readiness.

“Last week we were applauded for leading on this. We are the first as a peak body to do what the government asked us to do a year ago.”

PRIA’s website outlines, “Having a Professional Framework allows emerging practitioners to make informed decisions about future career directions, comparing their own existing strengths and identifying what competencies they need to develop to progress through each stage of their career. A Professional Framework could work similarly for senior managers wanting to diversify.

A common understanding of what level of experience and skills are required to fill a Senior Account Manager role or its in-house equivalent will be a useful reference for employers. Being able to benchmark skills and salaries will make the recruiter’s work easier too.

Lastly, a clear description of the work that professional communicators actually do will better inform their education and provide a greater degree of work readiness.”

PRIA’s National President Muir urged this morning, “Download it, share it, use it, understand it.”

You can download the framework on PRIA’s website or by clicking here.

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