Presto Reveals 130% Jump In Viewers During Morning Commute

Presto Reveals 130% Jump In Viewers During Morning Commute

Streaming service Presto has released insights into its consumers’ use on mobile devices, research shows a massive 130 per cent jump in Presto streaming between 5am and 7am each day.

Presto research demonstrates a massive surge in usage trends during both the morning and evening weekday commutes for customers using Presto via mobile networks- the term Presto uses to describe the phenomenon is ‘commutertainment’.

Shaun James, Presto TV CEO, said:  “From the data we are seeing, it’s clear our customers are extremely comfortable using their mobile devices to access Presto to continue watching their favourite TV shows and movies.

“The prominent peaks of usage at the start and end of the traditional work day are definitely pointing to a trend in ‘commutertainment’ where people are taking their streamed entertainment with them in greater and greater numbers.

“It’s proving the point that people want to take Presto with them and continue watching the shows and movies they may have started streaming in the home on more traditional broadband networks.”

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