PlayStation 5 Takes Over The London Tube

PlayStation 5 Takes Over The London Tube

If you know anything about online gaming, you’d know that the hottest item at the moment is the newly released PlayStation 5.

As it is the first new PlayStation console since 2013, the company has been on somewhat of an advertising blitz as we head into Christmas.

The company has already released some stunning creative to showoff the graphics on the new console and has recruited the help of hip-hop star Travis Scott to promote the PlayStation 5.

But PlayStation’s best piece of marketing might have come out of the United Kingdom.

Ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch earlier this week, signage at a number of London tube stations was remodelled to reflect the iconic PlayStation shapes.

The outdoor signage at all of Oxford Circus tube’s four exits in London has been changed with the four PlayStation shapes. Fortunately for the campaign, the PlayStation circle already looked rather similar to the tube signage.

One Twitter user pointed out that the stunt is also outside a Microsoft store.

Also as part of the publicity stunt, neighbouring stations have been renamed to celebrate various PlayStation games.

Mile End station, for example, will be known as “Miles End” to promote the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

It may seem strange for PlayStation to put so much effort into an outdoor campaign in the middle of a city that is currently in lockdown, however, the campaign is sure to attract a lot of attention online in the coming days.


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