Planet Ark And Naturale Team Up To Close Recycling Loop

Planet Ark And Naturale Team Up To Close Recycling Loop

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation and Naturale are teaming up to illustrate to consumers the importance of buying recycled products and helping to close the recycling loop.

One of the best ways for people to help keep resources out of landfill is to make sure they purchase recycled products to help normalise and create demand for recycled products.

Toilet paper is one of the few products that can be found in every Australian home, so if even a fraction of the population made the switch to recycled paper, it would have a large and positive impact.

Naturale Tissue Products are made from 100 per cent recycled paper, FSC-certified, Australian owned, biodegradable and safe for all toilet systems.

“Planet Ark proudly endorses Naturale for the role it plays in preventing valuable used office paper from going to waste,” said Planet Ark CEO Paul Klymenko.

“By choosing Naturale 100% recycled toilet tissue and hand towels you are reducing water and energy use, reducing landfill, and supporting green Australian manufacturing.”

Research released for National Recycling Week (7 – 13 November) shows that about one in two people have concerns about the quality of recycled paper, however over the years the technology used to make recycled paper has improved significantly.

“Gone are the days of off-white and coarse paper. The modern product is as soft on you as on the environment,” explained Klymenko. “About one in three people said they don’t buy it simply because they don’t think about it, which is why Naturale has joined Planet Ark as the Major Sponsor of National Recycling Week.”

Naturale 100% recycled toilet tissue is predominantly made at an advanced recycling plant located in Brisbane. Used office paper is mixed with water to create pulp, which is then cleaned and rolled to form sheet paper in a completely chorine free process. Recycling office paper to make tissue products in this way requires significantly fewer resources than using virgin fibre.

If every Australian household used Naturale Toilet Tissue in just one bathroom it would save the equivalent of 55,000 tonnes of office paper every year, enough paper to fill 100 Olympic swimming pools.

“Selecting Australian-made recycled products has both environmental and economic benefits and helps normalise recycled products, which are now just as good as their non-recycled equivalents,” said Klymenko.

The Naturale Tissue Products range includes Naturale Toilet Tissue (six and 12 packs) and Naturale Paper Towels (two pack).

Naturale comes wrapped in plastic, which provides the best possible protection from moisture and damage during transport. To provide a responsible disposal option for the wrap, Naturale has signed up to the REDcycle program, which has free soft plastic collection bins in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets across metro and major regional. The plastic is made into furniture for schools.

As Major Sponsor of National Recycling Week 2016, Naturale is giving away four prizes of a year’s supply of Naturale 100% Recycled toilet tissue – visit for competition details.

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