Outdoor Industry Launches Second ‘Look Up’ Campaign

Outdoor Industry Launches Second ‘Look Up’ Campaign

A second round of the Out of Home (OOH) industry’s ‘Look Up’ campaign has launched on thousands of signs across Australia this month.

 The campaign first appeared in January 2019, and is based on findings from world-renowned neural and systems complexity specialist Dr Fiona Kerr, which reveal that by looking up and out we can experience life-changing benefits of connecting with the world around us and each other.

Dr Kerr said: “It seems counter-intuitive to our modern culture that looking up and out and seemingly doing nothing could be the most beneficial state for optimising our thinking, but in fact, this is our natural way of being or ‘default’ mode if we’re not distracting our brains with technology or pushing it down the rabbit hole of trying to work on a specific task or problem.

“This is just one example in the gamut of benefits we hope people will discover with the Look Up movement, and I am excited to see this project come to life again in July and August.”

 OMA CEO Charmain Moldrich said: “Our members take their responsibility of being in the public domain very seriously, and this campaign is part of our ongoing commitment to engage in public dialogue, reflecting and contributing to important conversations.”

A post-campaign survey revealed that one in three people remembered seeing the campaign in January.

Of those who recalled it, 50 per cent said they were making a conscious effort to Look Up more, and 33 per cent said they talked about it to a friend or family member.

Paid online searches for the words ‘Look Up’ increased by 10 times during the campaign, demonstrating that OOH advertising inspires curiosity and drives action.

Moldrich said: “This is the power of our medium and we are excited to engage the public with this important message again this winter. In addition, in this second round, we will bring advertisers and media agencies along on our journey.”

“We are now producing a new report, The Art & Science of Outdoor Advertising, which will reveal the science behind the signs. Starting next week, an Instagram photo competition will ask the media industry to share their Look Up moments with #LookUp. And finally, in September we’ll share the neuroscience research and how it applies to Outdoor Advertising at breakfast events with Dr Fiona Kerr,” concluded Moldrich.

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