OtherLevels launches Intelligent Messaging To Bump Up Brand/Customer Relationships

OtherLevels launches Intelligent Messaging To Bump Up Brand/Customer Relationships

Digital messaging platform, OtherLevels, has today announced the launch of a comprehensive new solution for marketers; Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels.

Intelligent Messaging is a new approach to customer engagement that leverages both machine learning and big data to build a comprehensive profile of each customer. That profile then allows the OtherLevels Platform to determine the optimal way of communicating with the customer, both in terms of the channel and the message type to reach that user.

By making use of these profiles, brands can maximise the likelihood that their content is viewed and interacted with by the audience, hence increasing engagement, retention and revenue for the brand.

Existing marketing tools, particularly those with a single channel orientation such as email or push notifications, require the marketer to pre-determine the channel or message type. This creates complexity and leads to campaigns that will miss large sections of the potential audience.

Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels removes this complexity and maximizes reach by allowing the marketer to focus on the message content and user journey, rather than the specific delivery channel or message type.

The machine learning and rule model that underpins Intelligent Messaging determines the optimum channel and message type to present content to a user. The OtherLevels platform tracks at a user level the effectiveness of engagement across a comprehensive range of message types and channels.

With this solution, marketers can utilize email, SMS, push notifications, rich inbox, interstitials, alerts and browser push, to deliver content to desktop web, mobile web and apps, hence maximising audience reach.

And, in a first for marketing automation platforms, it adds retargeting to further increase campaign reach – for example if the primary channel did not achieve the target goal.

OtherLevels CEO Ramsey Masri said, “We are tremendously excited to announce Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels, both for our existing customers, and the leadership that it brings to digital marketing.

“This is is breakthrough technology. The future of messaging is reaching 100 per cent of your audience via a wide range of message types, mixing traditional and new message types, with many triggered in the moment – not the legacy first generation approach of ‘segment and send’. Only OtherLevels is thinking deeply and executing on the vision of second generation marketing automation.”


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