OMA Calls For A Fair & Sustainable Policy For OOH Junk Food Advertising

OMA Calls For A Fair & Sustainable Policy For OOH Junk Food Advertising

Following health minister Steven Miles’ announcement that the Queensland government will restrict ‘junk food’ advertising, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) is working with the government to find a fair and sustainable policy solution for the promotion of food and beverages across the state.

Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the OMA, highlighted the importance of industry consultation.

She said: “While we understand and support the objective of the Queensland government to improve health outcomes, the way forward must be nuanced and involve industry.

“We are working with the Queensland government to find a way to achieve its objectives without creating adverse and unintended consequences for the state.”

One severe consequence is that the restrictions will impact approximately $34 million of annual Queensland government revenue from OOH advertising and threaten the job security of the Queensland locals who are directly employed in OOH and the food and grocery industries.

Moldrich also outlined industry’s role in ensuring restrictions are effective.

“Simply removing one type of ad won’t improve the health of Queenslanders. At 6% of the total advertising market, a ban targeting Out of Home advertising only, is likely to see advertising dollars shift to other channels rather than disappear altogether.

“A collaborative approach that draws on the expertise of advertisers and the food industry will ensure a more sustainable and effective way forward.”

Moldrich concluded: “Bringing about social change is incredibly complicated. A genuine commitment to improving the health of Queenslanders involves working with the multiple industries impacted to deliver a multi-faceted solution.

“The OMA has proposed a targeted educational campaign to raise awareness and promote healthy foods and healthy lifestyle. We look forward to continuing our work with the Queensland Government to make a real difference to health in the State.”

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