OAMM Technology Unveils A Highly Connected Fan Experience

OAMM Technology Unveils A Highly Connected Fan Experience

Out and About Media and Marketing (OAMM) has unveiled the ‘Connected Stadium’ which will revolutionise the consumer engagement strategy across the stadium market in Australia, and unlock new potential for brands.

OAMM is one of the world’s leading sports & events digital signage rights companies. Handling all field rights for a network of stadiums nationally, they are continuously searching for new innovations to connect with fans.

An estimated $250 million dollar cash injection into Aussie sporting stadium technology is expected over the next few years to further enhance the game day experience for sports fans across Australia.

Hi-density Wi-Fi is revolutionising how sporting venues and their brand partners engage with fans. Through the ‘Connected Stadium’ OAMM is the driving force in making this new technology measurable and interactive for brands looking to reach sports/entertainment  audiences. The exclusive worldwide media reps for connected stadiums assets across Australia and New Zealand, OAMM are passionate about bringing value to both fans and brands.

OAMM chief executive officer, Edward Abbott said “There are many ‘brand awareness’ advertising options in sport but none which deliver an integrated, data capable solution such as the Connected Stadium platforms.”

The vast IPTV network of thousands of screens strategically placed around the grounds enables brands to gain exposure via live advertising, content integration and social media opportunities. The free high density Wi-Fi and Smart Phone Apps specific to each location provide brands opportunities for display advertising, promotions, app integration, and access to behavioural trends data. Brands can continue their involvement with their audience pre and post the games with the audience having the ability to download special offers in the lead-up to matches, secure weather and traffic information on game day as well as organise transportation.

The technological advancements at the field appeals to the mobile savvy consumers who instantly watch replays and view plays from different angles in real time on the IPTV network. While the Smart Phones brings a new level of engagement to the live experience where fans can find their seat, pre-order food and beverages at the ground, as well as match statistics and the ability to view live streamed action & replays.

A variety of brands are already reaping the benefits of the Connected Stadium platform.

Bernadette McLoughlin from TAB said: “TAB wants to help sports fans be more informed, more connected and more entertained when they watch their heroes live. The many and varied touch points of the Connected Stadium solution will help sports fans create more of their own TAB legendary moments.”

The quality and number of touchpoints available within an OAMM solution opens up a whole new world of sports investment in Australia with more options, more flexibility across any sporting code and any market. Every piece of technology at the stadium has a dual purpose: to promote the best possible fan experience, but also to connect brands to new audiences via meaningful advertising.

OAMM continues to explore and expand digital innovations and uncover new brand engagement opportunities.

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