Now’s The Best Time For Millennials In Media: James Mathison

Now’s The Best Time For Millennials In Media: James Mathison

Even though it’s never been more competitive, James Mathison – TV  presenter and host for B&T 30 Under 30 Awards – reckons millennials in media have it the best right now.

“I know there’s a lot of doomsayers because advertising revenue is down and the model for TV and newspapers is broken,” he said, “but when I started out, you had radio stations who controlled who was on air and what they could say, and TV networks who were beholden to advertisers and rating systems.

“Now, as a young person, you have the ability to make whatever you want, in whatever format you want, whenever you want. And say anything you want.

“And you have control over that.”

But at the same time, Mathison said there’s no excuse for crappy quality.

“There’s so many videos you see that have shitty audio, shot from a shitty angle – it’s never been easier to make something look and sound good.”

And millennials need to take “crazy risks”.

“If everyone to you ‘that’s a fucking stupid idea’ then you’re probably going to make something that someone will be interested in.”

Mathison’s been through a multitude of media jobs to date, although he does say his favourite was working at music station Channel V.

Channel V sadly shut up shop recently, and while Mathison said he hadn’t been there for a long time, it sucked from the nostalgic sense of those who grew up with the channel.

Mathison is gracing lending us his wit at the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards in May this year as MC. Entries are still open for the Awards. So if you want to have a shiny trophy on your desk and bragging rights, check out what the judges are, and aren’t, looking for.

You can grab tickets here too!

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