“No, It Never Happens!” TV Reporter Mistakenly Introduces Colleague As “Sarah Jessica Parker”

“No, It Never Happens!” TV Reporter Mistakenly Introduces Colleague As “Sarah Jessica Parker”

Sure, Brexit has given us many things, namely hate, vitriol, division and three British prime ministers. However, if there has been any upside to all the Brexit reporting, it has been the significant number of on-air bloopers from TV reporters.

The latest clanger to add to the showreel comes from BBC presenter Joanna Gosling who attempted to introduce her colleague, political correspondent Jessica Parker, during a live TV cross.

However, forgetting the first rule of journalism – always get the name right – Gosling went on to introduce her colleague as none other than Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

With British aplomb, Gosling then attempted to save herself by asking Parker if she got compared to Carrie Bradshaw all the time. To which she replied it rarely, if ever happened.

Gosling then dug the hole that little bit deeper, admitting she once mistakenly introduced BBC reporter Bridget Kendall as famed spinster and movie icon, Bridget Jones!

Check out the impeccably polite disaster unfold below:

The latest Brexit mishap follows a string of on-air clangers for the BBC. In September, B&T reported on another Brexit report that was ruined after a cyclist in the background careered into a nearby canal.

While in February, the public broadcaster mistakenly aired old World War Two footage after crossing to a story on the then British PM Theresa May heading-off to Brussels to attempt a new Brexit deal with the EU. BBC management immediately apologised for the blunder, assuring viewers it was “human error” and not a little dig at its German counterparts.


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