Nine Could Be “In Trouble” Over Airing “Sexual” MAFS Scene

Nine Could Be “In Trouble” Over Airing “Sexual” MAFS Scene

In case you missed it, Nine’Married At First Sight aired a rather sexually suggestive scene earlier this week, with the network landing itself in hot water with viewers and possibly “in trouble” with ACMA.

Rob McKnight, the editor of industry website TV Blackbox, and former employee of Nine‘s news and current affairs department, told the Daily Mail the bedroom scene between Jessika Power and Daniel Webb went “too far”.

He said: “I think Channel Nine might be in trouble with this one. To me, the scene was certainly confronting for a PG timeslot and I wouldn’t want my kids watching it.”

McKnight added: “While the couple didn’t actually engage in sex on screen, they were on top of each other in a very sexual way.”

B&T contacted Nine but it declined the opportunity for comment.

According to the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice, “depictions of and verbal reference to sexual activity must be restrained” and be “suitable for children to watch with supervision”.

In reference to these guidelines, McKnight said: “Was this scene suitable for children? I wouldn’t think so.”

He added: “The couple were in a sexual position no doubt, but weren’t actually doing anything, so it will be interesting to see what ACMA makes of it.”

According to the Daily Mail Australia, ACMA has been inundated with complaints about MAFS following plenty of divisive moments on the show.

A statement from the media watchdog said: “ACMA has recently received complaints about [Married at First Sight]”.

“Complaints about broadcasts are referred in the first instance to the licensee for consideration.”

Meanwhile, a petition has garnered over 21,500 signatures for MAFS to be “banned from television”.

The petition reads: “Tonight’s episode of Jess and Dan “hooking up” and the therapists allowing them to continue in the experiment is outrageous.

“This show has highlighted and given the message that adultery, cheating, lying and partner swapping is ok and you’ll be rewarded if you partake in it.

“It’s wrong and immoral and should be banned from ever being broadcasted again.

“Shame on you Channel 9 [sic].”

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