Nielsen: 3,000,000 Aussies Wear A Smart Device & Why It’s A Prime Opportunity For Marketers

Nielsen: 3,000,000 Aussies Wear A Smart Device & Why It’s A Prime Opportunity For Marketers

Over three million Australians aged 14+ are now wearing a smart device on their wrist, with almost half (49 per cent) actively seeking information on products and companies online. 

The latest figures from Nielsen’s Consumer & Media View indicate that websites and apps are the go-to channels for wearable device owners seeking the highest quality control, providing new ways for brands to connect with their consumers.

John Price, head of Nielsen marketing effectiveness, outlined: “With a convenient, mobile device that is attached at all times, along with their openness to branded content, wearable device owners are a lucrative consumer group for marketers.” 

“Owners wear their smart devices 24/7 which means that brands can connect directly with their consumers while on the go, reaching them at any point during the day.”

The report also showed that wearable device owners are aware of advertising surrounding them.

One in five of consumers come from an affluent background (over $150k p.a.) and their high-exposure lifestyle presents opportunities for outdoor, cinema and mobile advertising, and three-in-four wearable device owners notice out of home advertising and openly share what they see and hear.

“Over seven-in-10 device owners use apps that serve a purpose at least weekly, which indicates that they have a strong desire for relevant content,” Price added. 

“Wearable devices provide a new way for brands to tap into and influence their consumers directly, reaching and captivating their audience by sharing relevant, targeted content through a personal channel.”

Social media also provides brands with another vehicle to engage owners.

“Wearable technology has become an enabler in supporting a more active and health lifestyle for consumers, and with the addition of social media, 61 per cent of consumers are able more likely to interact with health and beauty brands via social platforms,” concluded Price.

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