New Confirmit AskMe Mobile Survey App Designed To Reach Even More Users

New Confirmit AskMe Mobile Survey App Designed To Reach Even More Users

A new mobile app is increasing the rate of survey completions by enabling participants to respond to surveys wherever and whenever it suits them – without an internet connection.

Market researchers Confirmit have developed the app, Confirmit AskMe, to meet the ongoing challenge of survey participation by targeting the rapidly increasing numbers of consumers and business users who rely on smartphones as their internet tool of choice.

By providing a flexible way to capture rich multimedia and text-based feedback via a single survey link, it allows respondents to Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Market Research surveys to choose completion online or offline by downloading the app.

Confirmit product management EVP Terry Lawlor said Confirmit AskMe adds  another layer of flexibility to the Confirmit suite of solutions.

“It delivers even greater opportunities for insight, whether you are running a VoC programme that requires in-store offline surveys, a VoE survey that employees can complete in any location, perhaps during breaks or on their journey to work, or a Market Research study requiring respondents to access surveys multiple times, on the move, or from remote locations,” Lawlor said.

Confirmit AskMe can be used for any type of feedback programme and by any respondent, including those with limited connectivity or those who need to complete surveys over a period of time.

Multimedia feedback can be captured and stored offline, and then synchronised when connectivity improves, providing a richer layer of insight for feedback captured on the move.

As well as increasing response rates through simple and flexible access, organisations can brand the Confirmit AskMe app to suit their own look and feel, boosting brand engagement and awareness. In addition, no extra design or integration work is required as Confirmit AskMe works seamlessly with organisations’ existing Confirmit Horizons environment.

“Mobile has quickly moved beyond its designation as a channel to a full-blown catalyst for digital business transformation, with statistics showing that smartphones have overtaken laptops as the number one device for UK and US internet users,” Lawlor added.

“As a result, mobile users are increasingly critical to understanding how people discover, explore, purchase and engage with brands today.

“Organisations running VoC, VoE and MR programmes simply cannot ignore the need to offer flexible mobile feedback methods to capture and understand the wealth of insight that can be shared by the mobile population.”

Martin Fearnley, information innovation manager at NHBC said, “As the UK’s leading independent standard-setting body for new homes, we need to provide our advisors and our customers’ staff with tools that can record timely, accurate data about the building sites they’re assessing.

“Confirmit AskMe is the ideal tool for this as not only can our people complete reports regardless of internet connectivity, but they’re able to submit photos to back up their comments, and the app automatically captures geolocation data so we know that the data provided reflects the correct site.

“This all then comes together to provide benchmark KPIs for the industry.”

Confirmit AskMe is available now on Android and iOS and can be distributed at no cost by Confirmit customers on App Store or Google Play.

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