Millennials Caught Lying About How Much McDonald’s They Eat

Millennials Caught Lying About How Much McDonald’s They Eat

Reports of McDonald’s death may have been greatly exaggerated. For years now there have been reports that it’s simply not attracting the Millennials crowd despite constant attempts to update its menu with lighter, healthier and more modern options such as wraps, salads and sandwiches.

However, a new report out of the US has revealed that American youngsters are still chowing down on plenty of Big Macs and French Fries.

McDonald’s is not only the US’s biggest fast food chain but a new report by Morgan Stanley has found that it is still the most visited chain restaurant by American teens and young adults. This contradicts a 2013 survey by NPD Group that found Maccas wasn’t even in the top 10 fast food outlets favoured by under 35s.

It may have had the most Millennials through its doors; however, the Morgan Stanley survey also found that McDonald’s was the fast food chain they’d least likely to recommend. Which may show Millennials are eating the stuff, but they’re certainly not admitting to it.

Reasons for Millennials’ Maccas bashing included poor quality food and poor service. There were also concerns around the company’s ethics, including additives in the food and its sustainability.

Of its positives, those surveyed agreed McDonald’s was cheap, quick and they were everywhere.

As it is a US-listed company, McDonald’s is coy about releasing company data about its Australia operations. However, in December IBISWorld reported that McDonald’s was the biggest fast-food chain in Australia and has a 15.2 per cent share of the nation’s $15.6 billion fast-food industry.

The IBISWorld report said the while the hamburger remained king of the fast-food kingdom in Australia it was increasingly under threat from customers wanting healthier choices and more premium option such as those offered by the likes of competitor Grill’d.

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