Michael Jordan Still Pulls In $US100 Million A Year From Air Jordan Sales

Michael Jordan Still Pulls In $US100 Million A Year From Air Jordan Sales

He may have hung up the hoops way back in 2001 but that hasn’t stopped US basketball demi god Michael Jordan raking in the big bucks from his Air Nike shoe endorsements.

Figures released by Fox Sports US shows that Jordan made $US100 million in 2014 alone from flogging his famed basketball boots. In his entire 15-season basketball career (with included a brief baseball hiatus) he is said to have earned $US94 million all up.


And it appears Nike’s more than happy to splash the cash to Jordan. His signature shoes reportedly make up 58 per cent of all Nike shoes sold in the US and outsell rival LeBron James’ boots by eight to one.

The 52-year-old is reportedly worth a staggering $US1 billion and is still one of the highest paid sports stars on the planet and the number one paid retired sports star. He also owns 90 per cent of the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, estimated to be worth $US750 million.

And Jordan’s clearly protective of his super-valuable name. Recently a US grocery chain used it to promote a range of steaks without his permission. Jordan successfully sued and was awarded close to $US10 million in damages. Not that Mike’s tight, revealing he would donate the money to local Chicago charities.

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