McDonald’s Helps Create Peace Day Ad Despite Rejecting Burger King, Peace Day Burger Arrives

McDonald’s Helps Create Peace Day Ad Despite Rejecting Burger King, Peace Day Burger Arrives

Macca’s may have flat out rejected Burger King’s attempt to create the ultimate burger for World Peace Day, but that doesn’t mean the fast food chain isn’t showing its support.

The burger joint is one of many brands that have taken part in a Peace Day ad which, according to a press release from Macca’s, was “championed first by McDonald’s” and is an industry wide-collaboration.

The 30 second ad is called Symbols, and was created by agency TBWA for the United Nations World Food Progamme (WFP) to fight world hunger. McDonald’s said it was created using funds “provided by McDonald’s”.

“Today is about people coming together across regions and cultures to take action for a hunger-free and peaceful world,” said WFP executive director Ertharin Cousin. “Food assistance plays a powerful role in times of conflict by saving lives and alleviating suffering. Food brings and keeps families together. Food security gives families hope during desperate times while eliminating the need for families to resort to extreme and harmful measures as the only option for survival.

“Humanity has one future together. This effort provides a great example of people and companies joining forces to make sure we achieve the goal of a zero hunger future.”

The release says many companies are using donated media and social channels to highlight the spot, both on TV and online.

A collaborative effort for Peace Day is something Burger King had wanted to achieve when it reached out to McDonald’s asking to create a McWhopper. And while McDonald’s rejected Burger King’s suggestion, a heap of other brands jumped on the bandwagon to create a burger for Peace Day.

However, while a good thought in theory, Mashable is questionable on the finished product.

Denny’s Diner, one of the brands involved in the final burger, put an image of it on social media.

United. #PeaceDayBurger

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