Man ‘Bought A Jeep’ And Immediately Regretted Decision, Makes Music Video To Tell Us About It

Man ‘Bought A Jeep’ And Immediately Regretted Decision, Makes Music Video To Tell Us About It

With all those ‘I Bought A Jeep’ ads playing on TV every other ad break, some might think it’s time to actually go out and buy one.

And that’s exactly what 32-year-old businessman Teg Sethi did, but he didn’t quite resemble the happy people in the original ads.

“Hi there, my name is Teg, I live in Australia and in October 2013 I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $60,000,” Sethi writes on his YouTube channel. “This was a BIG mistake as it has been a lemon Jeep from the day I got it.”

It goes for four minutes, and is entertaining to say the least:

“I made a mistake, I bought a Jeep,” Sethi rapped. “I’m fighting for the whole lemon community … I’m making lemon tang, I’m making lemonade, I’m making lemon meringue.”

From hiring dancers, using smoke machines and even having some poor old sucker running around in a lemon suit, Sethi went to a lot of trouble to tell people that Jeep has screwed him over.

“I recorded this song and made this music clip out of frustration, as the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia have basically told me to bugger off.”

Sethi claims he’s not the only person Fiat Chrysler have blown off, and that the ACCC had so many people complain they took action in September and announced sanctions against the car company.

On 11 September, the ACCC announced Chrysler was undertaking the job of remedying customer service complaints they had launched an investigation.

“The consumer guarantees mandate that vehicles will be fit for purpose, free from defects and as durable as a reasonable consumer would expect. Where the guarantee is not complied with, a consumer will have rights against the supplier and in some cases the manufacturer, who will have to provide a remedy,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

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