Majority Of Aussies Stop Using An App After 14 Days

Majority Of Aussies Stop Using An App After 14 Days

adjust, mobile attribution and analytics companies, has published the first results of its latest benchmark report, revealing that 89.5 per cent of Australian users stop using any given app after 14 days after they installed it.

adjust is a business intelligence platform for mobile apps which provides analytics for companies such as Ebay, PayPal, Microsoft and Spotify, as well as the Rocket Internet group’s 140 mobile accounts including Foodpanda, The Iconic and Vaniday. B&T  has previously chatted with the co-founder and CEO of adjust, Christian Henschel about the future of mobile apps. 

The results of adjust’s report show that during the first two weeks after an installation, Australian users open an app two times a day and spend 2 minutes 26 seconds on it. Compared to the global average (1 minute and 21 seconds), Australian’s spend almost twice as much time on any given app. Nethertheless, the retention rate – the per centage of mobile users returning to an app two weeks after the installation – is only at 10.5 per cent.

“adjust’s latest benchmark report highlights the need for mobile app marketers, to think beyond install numbers and start thinking about user engagement in their app,” says John Sardelic, managing director AU/NZ & SEA at adjust.

Australia’s mobile phone penetration has steadily grown over the past years and is at approximately 85 per cent now. It is expected to increase to 88.6 per cent by 2019. Sardelic continued: “Using adjust’s solutions, mobile marketers have the ability to not only identify the key users who are most engaged in their app, but also those who aren’t so invested. It can help app marketers work on retargeting campaigns to actively re-engage these dormant users and have them once again use their app at a more frequent rate.”

With a revenue growth of over 300 per cent in 2015, adjust is one of the fastest growing startups in Germany – a trend that seems to keep going. To date, the Berlin-based tech company has more than 100 employees and is present in eleven cities across five continents.

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