Kirsty Muddle Appointed As Cummins&Partners Sydney MD

Kirsty Muddle Appointed As Cummins&Partners Sydney MD

After 12 months of redesigning the offering in their Sydney office, Cummins&Partners has appointed founding partner Kirsty Muddle as it’s new MD.

Muddle replaces Dan Ingall, who leaves Cummins&Partners after two years.

“Dan is an amazing advertising professional who stepped into a tough role during our disengagement from Vodafone and the departure of senior creative personnel,” Muddle said.

“We can’t thank him enough for his brilliance and patience.

“Sean Cummins and I discussed implementing a new model that has worked brilliantly in our New York office and it is built around faster, smarter and more accurate solutions to client problems.

“We have a juggernaut office in Melbourne that covers all the disciplines in the business. With this centralised system, we don’t need to replicate production, digital muscle and backend systems in Sydney or New York.

“So, we can travel further faster with a core team that works in a truly unique way. It’s a bit proprietorial so I don’t want to say too much… but speed is the special sauce.”

“We have been pitching a lot lately with some exciting announcements to follow, but we feel very energised with this way of working. Clients want answers, fast.”

Cummins&Partners Australia CEO Chris Jeffares said: “Kirsty is an absolute gun, which anyone who knows her will attest to. She is a great leader, great intellect, a great friend and great partner to clients.

“Her recent recognition from the industry as Woman of the Year and Executive of the Year are a testament to this.”

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