Infographic: The Online Browsing Habits Of World Cup Fans

Infographic: The Online Browsing Habits Of World Cup Fans

The Trade Desk’s business intelligence team has dived into the online browsing habits of internet users and several nations’ soccer fans, including those in Australia.

Compiling data by using lookalike modelling, third-party data and location tracking, it found Australia’s most passionate World Cup soccer fans are likely living in the south-east or Western Australia, yearning for a luxury car, dining out at night and flicking through copies of Marie Claire.

The data also revealed that Socceroos supporters are most active online about 11am on Friday and the event appealed most to the nation’s affluent socio-economic segment.

With disposable income burning a hole in their pocket, they love to splurge on food, luxury cars and, somewhat surprisingly, Marie Claire magazine. Furthermore, the data found they are most likely living in WA, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

The study focused on eight countries, including the US, Japan, Spain, and the UK, with the results highlighting the unique tastes of each nation.

Spanish ‘football’ supporters are likely fans of animated movies and most active online about 1am on Sundays, Brits have a thirst for online gambling and South Koreans are keen on luxury brands.

As for American soccer fans, they are likely interested in the unique combination of pet insurance and horror movies.

Check out the infographic below:

The Trade Desk's World Cup infographic


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