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Industry Donates Record $2 Million To UN LTD

Industry Donates Record $2 Million To UN LTD

Australia’s top media companies have again united behind the UN LTD movement donating more than $2 million in media inventory for 2015.

These media packages will be monetised by the foundation, to directly fund programs and youth charities that are “UNdoing” youth disadvantage in Australia.

Newcomers to the UN LTD MEDIA program for 2015 include: Spotify, Mammamia, Daily Mail, Domain, oOh!, Cirrus Media, Torch, QMS, Brand New Media, Authentic Entertainment and Sound Alliance.

Carol Morris, general manager of UN LTD explained that the foundation, across its programs, seeks to realise the enormous power of the industry when all operators contribute to a common cause.

“The collective impact of having the entire industry behind the UN LTD movement gives us the means to truly tackle the immense and unacceptable issue of youth disadvantage in Australia,” said Morris.

“Having 40 of the top media companies on board and committed for FY15 is a record result and will enable us to expand our charity portfolio to impact more young lives in need.

“Breaking the $2m barrier is also a record result for the UN LTD MEDIA program. Having $500,000 more committed this year than in FY14 is testament to the fact that our movement is really building momentum and that the industry values having its own dedicated foundation.”

UN LTD MEDIA is the original funds generation vehicle for UN LTD and since 2006 it has distributed over $12m in value, including $8M in cash funding, to selected programs that are “UN doing” youth disadvantage in Australia.

In addition to the financial support raised through monetizing donated media packages, UN LTD is aiming to increase its mentoring support, which sees individuals and companies provide valuable skills, expertise and time to youth-focused charities. In FY14 alone, $900,000 in value was delivered through the UN LTD MENTOR program with skills and services provided by the industry to cover a range of projects for UN LTD beneficiaries.

UN LTD MEDIA’s 2015 sponsors: Fairfax, 2UE, ARN, Authentic Entertainment,, MRN/2GB, Seven Network, MCN, Adshel, WIN/NBN, Prime, Mammamia, JC Decaux, Brand New Media, Southern Cross Austereo, Network Ten, Val Morgan, APN Outdoor, QMS, Torch Media, News Corp, Team Epic, oOh!, Cirrus Media, Inlink, Yahoo7!, Bauer,, Mi9, Nine Entertainment Co., Daily Mail, REA, Spotify, Sound Alliance, Nova Entertainment.

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