Immersive Tech Innovator Curiious Launches ‘Plug And Play’ Metaverse Solution For Early Adopter Enterprises

Immersive Tech Innovator Curiious Launches ‘Plug And Play’ Metaverse Solution For Early Adopter Enterprises

Australian tech innovator, Curiious announced the launch of its ‘plug and play’ version of its award-winning metaverse platform, enabling enterprises to engage audiences in the metaverse within hours of purchase.

Curiious’ ‘off the shelf’ metaverse platform enables brands to host a fully-immersive, 3D online world within hours, rather than the months or years of building when a brand commits to a bespoke platform.

“Some brands are already announcing they’re entering the metaverse, while others are figuring out if they need it yet and then there’s the enterprises who are somewhere in-between. What any enterprise needs to know right now is that the metaverse is here. And any brand can get started with a branded, immersive experience within hours – whether their audience is their global employee base, clients needing to understand a new product, or consumers wanting to engage in the brand’s community,” said Curiious managing director Michelle Schuberg.

“Event organisers are one of the obvious sectors that have embraced the metaverse as COVID-19 made live events and travel impossible, but now we are seeing businesses prioritising the metaverse to engage and onboard their people or to build connections with customers via a branded, perpetual 3D world.”

Recent Accenture research found that 42% of executives believe the metaverse will be ‘breakthrough or transformational’ and businesses are ‘racing towards a future that is very different to the one they were designed to operate in as technologies converge to reshape human experiences’.

Curiious managing director, Michelle Schuberg.

On Curiious’ new product, Michelle commented: “Our ‘plug and play’ metaverse is built with plugin architecture so our clients can be ready to launch with a customisable, branded event or training resource that engages their audiences via world-first immersive experiences within hours of purchase. This product’s rapid deployment will evolve our industry as it seamlessly integrates with an enterprise’s existing systems, giving organisers a true ‘plug and play’ interactive option that leverages existing content and materials while providing the tools to engage and delight their audiences no matter where they are in the physical world.”

Johnson & Johnson delivers conference via Curiious’: 

In January 2021, Curiious delivered Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices Annual Sales ANZ Team Meeting, utilising its virtual platform to merge live broadcasts with pre-recorded video and self-guided sessions navigated via a bespoke, branded metaverse built for the event

The 750 delegates completed more than 15,000 self-guided learning sessions over four days, in addition to engaging in the event’s 130 scheduled sessions, social rooms and exhibitor booths. 

On the event, Johnson & Johnson’s managing director ANZ Joanna Stevens commented: “A significant portion of our medical devices sales team are required to attend the operating theatre and the feedback we received is they were able to better manage their caseloads due to the virtual format; logging on at relevant times rather than taking four days off work to attend in person.

“We have the opportunity to continue adding content to this software and expand its potential as a permanent learning resource.”

About Curiious’ ‘plug and play’ metaverse solution:

  • Plug and play: ready to go within 24-hours
  • Create a true 3D world for users to navigate similar to sophisticated PC games
  • Customers licence Curiious’ world-first immersive and interactive WebGL platform for 12-months, enabling them to deliver unlimited events in that time
  • Fully customisable, branded environment
  • Virtual environments and delivery can be scaled to any event size – from a Town Hall to an online office or site environment to a global expo with multiple environments that enable a rich and highly-engaged audience experience
  • Users self-guide their experience and learning for deeper engagement through (for example) live sessions, pre-recorded sessions, media galleries, interactive games, collaboration tools, social rooms and instant messaging
  • The platform’s media gallery enables it to be a permanent metaverse 
  • Sponsor integration equips organisers to recover costs
  • Platform seamlessly integrates desktop, mobile and VR
  • Transform written data into live, interactive content for users
  • Clients can plug in their own in-house content or Curiious can create it for them
  • Measure detailed audience data not possible via live experiences, including dwell time, user sessions, return visits after the event, sponsor engagement and more
  • Pricing starts at AUD$35,000 for up to 1,000 delegates in an unlimited 12-month licence

Curious has also helped other global brands create successful virtual events, including Infiniti, the luxury automotive arm of Nissan Motor Co, who have pivoted their launches and motor show events online over the last 18 months, as well as Primal Pictures, a London-based company providing 3D graphic rendering of human anatomy for medical professionals.

Curiious is also a Telstra Enterprise Partner, the only ‘immersive provider’ in the telco’s Channel Partner stable, with the two companies eyeing emerging opportunities in the evolving digital events space, especially as industry awaits the rollout of 5G services.

Curious has enterprise clients across Australia, the US and Europe utilising its technology to deliver more effective learning experiences. The immersive VR training platform Curiious built for global diversified logistics provider Linx CCG  resulted in a 71% increase in hazards reported, a 90% increase in near misses reported, all with a reduction in training time of 60%.

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