HubSpot Launches Native E-Commerce Integration With Shopify

HubSpot Launches Native E-Commerce Integration With Shopify

Inbound marketing software provider HubSpot has announced a native e-commerce integration with Shopify.

The integration means e-commerce marketers can see online sales in HubSpot as deals, organise and analyse purchasing patterns, and measure customer lifetime value.

The new integration also helps marketers complete specific ecommerce tasks, like sending transactional emails and building automation around shopping carts.

Kipp Bodnar, chief marketing officer at HubSpot, said: “Over the past five years, we’ve seen the growth of small online merchants that occupy a specific niche. These companies quickly build an initial audience, but it’s hard for them to scale up.

“In a time when online retail giants consume the vast majority of demand in almost all industries, it’s important that these small businesses have access to tools and strategies that will help them break through the noise.

“Inbound marketing offers a solution to these challenges, helping SMBs personalise their marketing and build a brand that can stand up to the biggest competitors.”

Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer at HubSpot, added: “We’re really excited to integrate Shopify to help SMBs grow.

“They’ve done amazing work in this space and helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs build businesses that fuel the economy and bring something really special to consumers.

“E-commerce in general is something we’re really bullish on at HubSpot. We’re committed to providing the tools and support that will help ecommerce SMBs grow in a competitive space.”

The product is currently live in all versions of HubSpot. The integration features advanced marketing functionality for Marketing Hub customers.

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