Heineken Channels Mad Max In Bonkers New Campaign

Heineken Channels Mad Max In Bonkers New Campaign

Heineken Brazil has just unveiled its latest product – the Guaraná infused-soft drink Itubaína Guaraná – and to promote the beverage its unveiled a bonkers TV ad complete with a number of cultural references including Mad Max, James Bond and karate films.

The ad takes place in an everyday office and soon escalates into a full-blown chair rally for the fight for the last bottle of the seemingly delicious Itubaína Guaraná.

The ad, titled ‘Chase’, is the work of creative agency Talent Marcel.

Commenting on the campaign, marketing director of Itubaína at Heineken Brazil, Bruna Fausto, said:  “The whole campaign was thought out with the goal of offering our consumers an experience that goes beyond the soft drink.”

Check out the wonderful madness below:

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